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THE PAGE TURNER started out as a book blog where one writer discusses the books she reads and her literary adventures. Through her experiences, she hopes to make this website the go-to page for authors-to-be with resources and tools that will help them write their first full-length novel.

The Page Turner aims to become a place where lovers of literature and wordsmiths meet and a place where they can aim for their writing-related goals.

In short, it is a book blog and a place where you can find some free writing advice.

The Writer Behind The Book Blog

Hello, my name is Danah! I am a writer by profession and book lover by choice. My belief is that everyone has a story worth telling and that all of us can’t just have one favorite book. In real life, I’m a quiet type of girl but I could talk all day about books. But enough of the book talk for a while, I’ve got a whole blog dedicated to it.

Get To Know Me More In 10 Bullet Points

  • I am a Filipino-Chinese born and raised in Manila, Philippines. I am now based in Fukuoka, Japan and I’m married to a wonderful Japanese man. Yes, we do try to speak all three languages.
  • I write for a couple of lifestyle blogs and print publications for a living but also dabble in creative writing often. I hope to one day publish my own ebook and to see my novel in print as well.
  • My love for books started out with young adult novels. While I still occasionally read YA, I am very much into thrillers, mystery and horror novels now.
  • I absolutely love historical period TV dramas – European, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, you name it. Whenever I’m not watching a period drama, I’m either binge-watching a crime series or a cooking competition. Although I hate to admit it, I love my TV dramas.
  • Crime/thriller podcasts are on my playlist on a regular basis. I am still finding a way to get over from my Serial hangover so if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.
  • Whenever I’m having a bad day, I like to go to an izakaya to have a beer or nihonshu. Hot chocolate or rooibos tea works well too. I’ve once dreamt of being a tea sommelier – I haven’t stopped dreaming but in the meantime, I’ll be drinking. 
  • If I’m not writing for work, I’m probably writing in my personal journal. I love stationery and I manage 2 online stationery shops: The Paper Salad and Memo Story. I enjoy creating zines, scrapbooks and mail art to my pen pals.
  • Whenever my words fail me, I always look to photography to save me. The photos I take usually inspire the stories I write, which is always a great source of inspiration whenever I get into a writer’s block.
  • I love playing visual novels and otome games. My all-time favorites are Dangan Ronpa, Virtue’s Last Reward, and Norn9 – I mostly play on the PS Vita but I love mobile games too. 
  • I am a Christian and always grateful to be saved by grace through my faith.

Connect With Me

Let’s talk about books all day long over a cup of tea, shall we? Find me on these other networks and introduce yourself! I love being able to connect with other book lovers.

If you have a bookish business/project and are looking for someone to collaborate with, I’m all ears! Send me a message via my contact form and I’ll get back to you ASAP. I’m so excited to know all about it.


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